Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 01 Spring Break Washington Dc 7th March

This is the Vienna Wolftrap Hotel which we stayed during our stay at dc, it probably cost us about $60 a night but it was pretty comfortable.
Its at the end of the orange line Vienna so expect to take about 40 mins to get into town and there is a 1.6km walk to the metro station. For those who has a car, there is free parking if not take a walk there. I heard there are buses but just can't find it.
Anyway, for the hotels as budget student travellers, we booked for 2 but struggled in 2 more to avoid paying more and as you can see there are 2 queen size bed that fit 4 perfectly and for this hotel there weren't any problems cause the front desk is far away from the room. Btw, the dc Subway is supposely the best in the country which is i guess true but it did fail us at some point which i will talk about later.
Anyway, i guess the rest of the group to satisfy my interest had to accompany me to talk a walk down to the pentagon which i guess few tourist would ventured
Anyway security was pretty tight and we wasn't supposed to take photos but somehow we did but with a lot of ppl looking at us. The Memorial for the September 11 crash into the pentagon.
The structure is a little further away from the pentagon itsellf
Anyway before we left, i took a photo of chong hao and this security guard was shouting at us so well don't try to mess around with them and basically my feeling is if you think Singapore is a police state and america is more liberal, i think its a yes and no now. I saw so many police officers around the states and i feel that perhapt that was the only way they could maintain law and order. I mean if there is any incident, you can see a hell lot of police officers rushing to an area and i guess they were place there for a reason. Not so much for the terrorist but pretty much to keep the local people in check.
Capitol Hill. Anyway, Washington dc is really a nice place to take photos but some of the people over here thinks its too gray. Well, i would still recommend a trip down to dc and take some great photos as well as at least you can tell the world that you have been to the world's most powerful nation's capital. Anyway, i know there are more things to see and explore but not many people will appreciate except history buffs like me.
Walking down the strip of grass patch in between the National Monument and Capitol. Its a petty we arrived too late for the first day.
National Monument
Btw, dc is quite a dead city at night and there aren't many things you can do. And for food try the Union Square food court, Its pretty cheap by dc standards and there are plenty of choices.
White House which i think doesn't really look as impressive as what we had seen in the movies or news.
Anyway, later that night we met up with the HongKong group which arrived even later than us.
We met for dinner at Union square but because it was too early and there wasn't much to do. We decided to walk them to their hostel. So we were dragging their lugguage around dc.
In between, we found the FBI HQ. Haha and all the guys have to take a photo with that.
Anyway, we soon realise that its important to double check the address. The HKU group's hostel was much further away and google map gave them the wrong location.
And everyone including myself was looking at the map at some point trying to figure out where the place was because the we couldn't find the 8th street that was suppose to be between 7th and 9th. Later after we found the 8th street we found the postal code of the hostel to be one that was many many blocks away... So in the end, we took about 3 to 4 hours to locate the hostel which i thought was only gonna be half an hour. On the way back we met with another problem, the subway track near our place had some problems and it took us maybe 1h 30 mins to reach the hotel and that is 2a.m in the morning.

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