Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 02 Spring Break Washington dc 8th March

Btw anyone that is staying far from the city centre should consider getting the city pass which is like 7.50 for unlimited rideson the subway which is really convinent.
To be frank i am a little dissappointed by the Air and Space Museum. There are many only vintage commericial aircrafts which is rare to see because most of the aircraft museum only shows military aircraft. The only thing is the shop certainly has a lot of good bargains for those interested in aircrafts so if you are one of them visit it. Anyway its free just walk in.
The dissapointing thing is there are many of the newer aircrafts.

Behind us the Capitol building, which was really nice in the day. I think one of the places i like the national mall and its really nice to be playing friskbee and taking photos. Its a great place to picnic or laze around

A real specimen of a giant squid.
Most of the Museums in dc is for free so feel free to visit them. Are they better than those in New York. Hmmm, i would say yes and no given that its free its certainly good enough.
Btw this is supposed to be the world's best crafted diamond or something like that. Its about 46 carats if i remember correctly. Every girls dream i guess but i still dun find diamonds attractive.

Haha, the reflection pool was dried up when we visited... haha i guess i will come back one day to check out the pool again when its filled but this is certainly a unique view of the monument.
The washington monument.
The dried up pool with Lincoln memorial at the back.
This is the opposite view in the reflection pool but against the washington monument continue updating a bit later
Abraham Lincoln. After all that walking, we had dinner at Chinatown

Cost us 17 dollars per person but the servings are huge and i think worth the money but there are too many dishes of meat. we had 3 meat dish and 1 veggie dish along with soup, spring rolls, another snack and some slices of oranges.

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