Saturday, January 9, 2010

Time to beat the competition.

Its CCA orientation period again, the most exciting period for a CCA. This year, I am very happy with the cadets performance. I can see that everyone have put in the effort even for those that are considered usually uncooperative members. Together, they have demonstrated their strength to the entire school.

In terms of results, this is a record breaking year 222 sign ups against a 320 cohort base. The previous record i remembered was just over 200 for a cohort of 400. These sign ups does not necessarily translate to the numbers who eventually join us. We are also force by school and HQ policy in only accepting 36 cadets per cohort. However, the real impact of these numbers are more psychological for both my cadets and their competitors.

Think about it, all the hard work that people have put in, the quarrels, disagreement and fatigue just disappeared when the result was announced. Are results importan? Yes, I am sorry to admit it but it does indeed. You can see the pride and happiness as they cheered and drank in celebration. While on the opposite side, you look at the once proud competitors being humble and perhaps even humilated by the disparity of results. Looking at the bright side of things, at least they got a taste of reality, results can be harsh and hopefully they will strive to do better.

In the midst of all these, they have all taken something valuable back as well. Cadets who were shy and introvent have improve their sales pitch, become more willing to engage or even becoming proactive to "solicit" the customers. The planners learnt a great deal about how to manage manpower, resources in the midst of putting up the show and lots more. This is what is really unique about this CCA, you hone your skills and learn new ones and these will certainly help them in their future endeavours. I once commented that sometimes i find my secondary school kids being able to outperform some students that are in tetiary level and i think once again this has just reinforce my belief.

I can't get any pictures up for some reason but i will try to post them again.