Saturday, October 24, 2009

Updates after a pretty long period

Haven't had time to blog for a long time so this will be a lengthy one. I am really enjoying my work and i know the comments from most people about me is that i am a workaholic but well i won't deny it. The environment is extremely nice and the culture is good. I took a picture of my office "Internet cafe" which is actually a staff lounge. Window seats and other perks. Hehe.
One lesson which i like to share with my friends is that, please constantly upgrade yourself and stay relevant. Our generation is the one that is being caught right smack in the middle. The world is changing fast and so are the job requirements. Adding to our woes, we were growing up during the infancy of the IT revolution so compared to the teens and kids today, we lose out quite a bit. However, i think no one should doubt how IT has and will change the world we live in. If you think you will survive without learning and trying to keep in pace with this changes, i can only say that you are naive and waiting for a major disaster to happen.

I know people always think i am pretty pessimistic but i like to think that i am just being realistic in my expectations. So often, i am spot on in foreseeing whats gonna happen. Sometimes, my friends listen and they avert the problem. When they do they tend to forget what i had said. When they don't and shit happens, the next thing they say, "It has already happen, lets not talk about it". I am not saying that i am 100% right all the time but i think i have a reasonably high level of accuracy. I don't possess a crystal ball but because i have the experience and i consider a lot more factors before i make a comment or judgement. Its a trait and skill that has brought me success in many areas but sharing these insights to help my friends avert potential problems before they happen is indeed a challenge. I don't think it is just the way i communicate but more so because most people have this problem, they need to suffer before they believe and do something about it.

Life is short and sometimes we don't have that luxury to keep making mistakes. I do encourage people to make mistakes but learn from it and don't make it again. I guess for some people, life is already set for them. I am just trying to help as a friend but in the end its their own life.
Many times, i also don't want to tell them, "See i told you this before". Some times, when they come and tell me all the shit that had happend, i can only just give them a few consoling words like but is that really helpful. I hardly think so but i guess its the best thing a friend can give at that point of time. These are just some of my personal thoughts but well enough of the tough talk for now. Haha.

I just ran the Nike Human Race. Biggest mistake of the day, I went to the event with a Standard Chart (adidas sponsered) running gear and was promptly deny entry by the security. Haha. The race was not on top of my priority list so i failed to read anything prior to the race that says that i must wear this shirt but eventually i got around by bypassing the start point to join the rest. I must say i will be harder and harder to keep the physical fitness level up. Used to be running a lot but now run 10km only, i can feel the strain. Will try to maintain but like i say it is damn difficult with more and more things piling up. Anyway i really got to go, still have plenty of things to do.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Life at work

Busy busy but finally got the hang of things or at least more or less. Had a fire drill last friday and its kinda problematic when you are on the 47th floor... cause we have to climb the stairs but its not too bad consider that i have to train for the Nike Human Race anyway but my leg is aching a bit now. Lucky for me, i do exercise and train for the race so its not that bad. With the recent earthquake, it makes me think about working on the 47th floor. If there is really a major disaster, i think i will probably not waste the time trying to get down if its really that bad but spend the time calling whoever i need to say my good byes. Haha, not meant to scare anyone but yah i find it probably impossible to escape so why not just make the best use of the left over time. HAHA