Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bloomberg pantry

Updated Photos
Freeflow of snacks

I love the legendary bloomberg pantry, its really as they say a freeflow 7-11 with its famous guardian the pantry auntie call, Jenny. Haha but as first timers, i didn't really know what exactely to expect. I can see some season bloomberg course participants all armed with chips and drinks from the pantry before the course. Anyway, i didn't really find the course that i attend useful maybe the next one will be better. The problem with the course is that, 1) i don't have that indepth level of knowledge for swaps yet and 2) the trainer talks like his mouth is a machine gun... i think most of us didn't catch what he was saying. Anyway, i believe the next one will be better and i will take better photos so that i can upload here. haha. Excited and gear for a return trip to bloomberg. HAHA.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Venue photos

Room size which the event is going to be held

Floor plan
The field that we can use for the water games.