Sunday, June 6, 2010


Man, I think anyone can tell I am REALLY REALLY REALLY happy right now. Level 1 exams are over. Pass or fail, I tried my very best given that I have a lot of constraints especially last 2 weeks so I am happy with what I have done. Still have some lessons to clear two more weekends to burn for the extra lesson under the MAS course requirements but well no pressure.

Work wise quoted in my boss word, "june will be a xiong xiong xiong month". It will be tough but at least I won't have the burden of passing the exam resting on my shoulder.

Just before the exams, Andrew and Winky's group came over and lucky Kang offered and did a good job to help play host to them. I can only join them in the evening for dinners and short walks cause of the exam preparation. Even though it was a short trip for them and i didn't spend that much time with them, somehow I find that this was a very nice group and it was simply amazing. When they left, me and kang felt quite sad. Haha but ok Aug, Hongkong here we come.