Tuesday, March 31, 2009

5 more weeks to go

I am supposed to be very busy right now after a very long but fruitful weekend hosting Rikki and his friends from Chicago around Boston and finally meeting Raoul for dinner with some of the other exchange students (affter 3 months). Haha but i guess this is gonna be pretty short. there is 5 more weeks left, time really flies and soon it will be over. It is especially significant because not only it marks the end of my stay at Bentley, it is also the end of my schooling career and the start of a new phase of my life full of unknown. Not having a job at hand is also a source of discomfort. I guess i will have to dig some time out to spam those CVs and resumes real soon.

I am definately gonna miss all the friends that i met over here. Its like when i was on exchange 7 years ago but i hope this is gonna be slightly better with technology like facebook and msn. This has definately been a significant milestone in my life and i would guess for all the exchange students as well. I doubt anyone would have regret coming for the exchange and bringing back the memories and experience that not everyone back home gets.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Visit to Ali and Mariam's place

This blog entry is also super outdated but nevertheless i think its worth to still put it up for memories sake. Anyway we visited our friends Ali and Mariam from Bahrian.
We watched Slumdog Millionaire and it was a pretty good show before walking through the park to reach their place.

They got a very nice apartment downtown and the furniture was very nice and classy.
While we were there, Ali taught us a lot of new card games from Bahrain. I think a deck of cards can do wonders man. This entire exchange programme seems to be build on the basis of card games...

Finishing it off for the evening we went for desert near his place.
The desert was really nice and definately worth the money but i can't recall the name of the place now.

Super outdated clubbing photos

Yan Min's birthday took us quite a while to plan and set up but still there were some minor screw ups. Haha but i guess its still good. The next birthday is gonna be a headache, we are running out of ideas.
Anyway after the celebration, we went to Skellig, a clubbing place frequent by Bentley Students. Its quite near campus so it cost us about $2 each in cab fare for each way.

Drinks are not too cheap and Boston is certainly not a good place to go clubbing. If you are a foreigner be prepared to bring your passport, other ids such as driver license are not accepted. You got to be abpve 21 and they have damn wierd timings. by 12.50 they will close... so literally you got about slightly more than an hour because the crowd only comes in at 11.30p.m and the music is not that great. Apart from the fact that it is cheap, the standard ain't anywhere near the Singapore clubbing scene.

Day 08 Spring Break Transit Alantic City 14th March

We arrived in Alantic City early in the morning and our rooms were not ready so we took a walk and look for breakfast.
After breakfast, we were lucky again. St Patrick Day parade was happening at the Alantic City Broadwalk.

St Patrick day is an Irish festival and it is a pretty big thing given that there is a large irish population in north eastern united states. According to my friend on St Pat day everyone is supposed to wear green. If you are not in green, the others can give u a pinch.
Look at the cool ah mas riding all the bikes, i cannot imagine my grandma doing that LOL
And during the parades, they will throw sweets and beads for the children but haha the Singapore gang found it super amusing and started collecting the beads and sweets as well. At the end of the day, there was a big bag of sweets so if you are at the parade i guess you won't need to buy any candies.

After that its the Casino... and for those who want to do some shopping there are outlet malls around the area but they are closed by 7pm so do your shopping in the afternoon.

Day 07 Spring Break Transit St Augustine 13th March

Before we left, we took a photo of the motel which i highly recommend.
We left for St Augustine which is a historic town. According to lonely planet, it was the first city in the U.S.

To my surprised, the Spaniards landed in the U.S in the 1500s and i guess they are probably the first europeans to establish a city and of course the city has a very rich spanish heritage.

The greatest joke of the day. Kyle was walking up this flight of stairs to take some photos and never did he imagine what he would see... "This premise is protected by Scott Alarm"... Hahaha Kyle just burst into laughter upon seeing the sign. Haha...and they were still comtemplating how the scott alarm would work by sounding off "Scott! Scott! Scott!" until the intruder is truely and surely irritated.
Oh always visit the welcome centre, we took some coupons and found a good place for lunch.

While we were eating lunch, we heard some cannon firing and decided to pay a visit to the nearby fort.
As usual we didn't pay any entrance fee but took a look at the outside and took photos which i think is a good idea.

And... we got lucky, there was another round of firing for some special occasion that day and we manage to catch it. I love my camera haha.