Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 03 Spring Break Charleston and Miami 9th March

This is a view of a jetty at Charleston, a small town in South Carolina. Its a nice place and certainly worth to pay a visit despite the fact that it bears the name of one of my arch enemy. It has this old town charm that is simply irresistable.
For some of the folks that are interested in ghost tours, there are guided tours available but i didn't manage to check out the rates.
I think one good thing is America has a lot of cool and wierd vehicles and i certainly would like to have one of this. Small and easy to park haha.
The market place at night which is kind of clean for a market. I don't really know what they sell here but Charleston is supposed to be a fishing port so i presume its for seafood but i don't see any trace of it here.
We found a resturant call Tsunami which is pretty cool and value for money. I order seafood ramen and there are so many shrimps and scallops every single scoop i will get something. Its really value for money.
After that we had to taste some of the southern speciality, the deep fried food.
Fried ice cream and cheese cakes to start us of. I think its ok but i can't really feel the cheese cake.
You can take a look at all those food that the southern part of the country at their candy store and have a good idea what kind of diet they have. Haha, its all sinful but good stuff. I think if Kang was with us he would be OMD OMG this is so sinful...
Our first taste of Miami Beach
Breakfast was dognuts and some other pastry with root beer. haha budget travellers.
I certainly miss the nice and warm weather there now. Its reallly a party city and it gives people the "holiday" feeling.

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