Saturday, October 9, 2010

Backdated Post after 4 months

Quick summary for what happen during last 4 months,
-Almost died preparing for the CFA Level 1 examination-[but worth the effort WoohOOOOOO]
-Cleared my two weeks in camp [First High key but already ATEC stage 1; PC down barely 10 mins after hitting platoon objective; comms down as usual; super sway as usual]
-Sister got married off [Tiring event, got so many things to do]
-My birthday [Celebrated in two different countries [SG and HK] first birthday dinner was end July and my last one was in Mid September haha]
-Grad trip to HK and visited so many friends [Cool]-Our European friends came visit for two weeks although I only manage to hang out with them a few times, amazing never expect so many of them to come over
-Project work, I am done with Japan and patch upgrade(unexpected one which I had to redo the bulk of my previous test case). I still have my Australia one, man first time I heard project datelines keep pushing forward. Yesterday was the first in a month that i saw daylight after work....
-Sign for for Level 2 examinations after a long thought, still haven't figure out how to tackle it or rather too tired to think of how to tackle them.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Man, I think anyone can tell I am REALLY REALLY REALLY happy right now. Level 1 exams are over. Pass or fail, I tried my very best given that I have a lot of constraints especially last 2 weeks so I am happy with what I have done. Still have some lessons to clear two more weekends to burn for the extra lesson under the MAS course requirements but well no pressure.

Work wise quoted in my boss word, "june will be a xiong xiong xiong month". It will be tough but at least I won't have the burden of passing the exam resting on my shoulder.

Just before the exams, Andrew and Winky's group came over and lucky Kang offered and did a good job to help play host to them. I can only join them in the evening for dinners and short walks cause of the exam preparation. Even though it was a short trip for them and i didn't spend that much time with them, somehow I find that this was a very nice group and it was simply amazing. When they left, me and kang felt quite sad. Haha but ok Aug, Hongkong here we come.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friends from Abroad

Its been another long lag before this post. Been pretty busy, many important decisions and of course there is the level 1 exam that is getting closer and closer. Hope everything goes well and I should be at least free from exams after. Aim "One shot One kill", cross my fingers.

Friends are coming, Andrew(US but now base in China) and Winky from HK is coming over in May. Then I heard Julia and gang is coming down from Europe in July. Man there will be lots of catching up to do when they arrive. Unfortunately, it happens to be the busy period as well, May is exam preparation for me and July is reservist period, hopefully I can pull myself out somehow to go for the gatherings.

In terms of work, there is still no clarity in things, one thing I know its gonna get very very busy for the next 1/2 a year.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wierd situation

I can't say the specifics here but right now I am at an important cross roads choosing between two paths. The first path, there is much more clarity and maybe more smooth. The second one is more like a dream. I guess this is always this problem of choosing something that you can do well or something you had dreamt of doing. I don't think its bad either path is just whether you might have any regrets later for not exploring the other option. However, difficult it might be guess we all have to make a decision which path we are going to take. I hope the path that I am taking will be the right choice but I will definitely be putting in my best for the choice I will be making. I think many of my friends are facing the same situation as I do and I hope we can all find our ways and don't turn back to regret whatever choice we are making today. Make a wise decision, pull all your sources available to access the options. Wish everyone good luck in the still "choppy situation".

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Work plus study = No life

haha, got to make this a fast one (just look at the topic why). This quarter is gonna be a tiring but hopefully fruitful one. I must pass the level 1 after giving up so much of other stuff. Friday night, I finally cannot take it anymore, had to take a nap while studying with Jiahe. I really want to just pass it and go for my holiday and take a one two month break before going for anything else. This is really crazy. I admit I am not as smart as those people who can pass the exam just by cramping everything in one week. Whether to stay or try for another job scope is another big headache. Anyway, in short time is short and there are many things that needs to be done. Hope i survived all these.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finally holiday in sight

Finally, book my airtickets to hongkong for a nice figure as well 288. hehe. haven't had a real holiday for ages and this hongkong trip is like taking forever to take place. Looking forward to the trip although its in August. I want to eat good food, get cheaper work wear and meet up with some friends there. haha finally its going to happened or at least its certain.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year.

HAppY ChinESe NeW Year, hope that this year will be a good and fruitful one. I need more luck. Looking back at 2009, it wasn't a bad year as well. I got my trip to the US and a good job but there were some hiccups here and there as well. One cannot wish for everything to be perfect but of cause any marginal improvement is always welcome. Let's hope this year will be better than the last.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Its been a while

I haven't update the blog for a long time so I decide to put in a short entry. This period had been especially busy. Frankly speaking, its not an easy job to balance between all the different commitments. Work, studies, friends and many more areas that requires my attention but I still only have 7 days a week. Guess that's basically the current situation, trying to keep the most immediate needs taken care and having no choice but to put on hold some other commitments till this period is over which might last for a while. Will update soon with more happenings.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Time to beat the competition.

Its CCA orientation period again, the most exciting period for a CCA. This year, I am very happy with the cadets performance. I can see that everyone have put in the effort even for those that are considered usually uncooperative members. Together, they have demonstrated their strength to the entire school.

In terms of results, this is a record breaking year 222 sign ups against a 320 cohort base. The previous record i remembered was just over 200 for a cohort of 400. These sign ups does not necessarily translate to the numbers who eventually join us. We are also force by school and HQ policy in only accepting 36 cadets per cohort. However, the real impact of these numbers are more psychological for both my cadets and their competitors.

Think about it, all the hard work that people have put in, the quarrels, disagreement and fatigue just disappeared when the result was announced. Are results importan? Yes, I am sorry to admit it but it does indeed. You can see the pride and happiness as they cheered and drank in celebration. While on the opposite side, you look at the once proud competitors being humble and perhaps even humilated by the disparity of results. Looking at the bright side of things, at least they got a taste of reality, results can be harsh and hopefully they will strive to do better.

In the midst of all these, they have all taken something valuable back as well. Cadets who were shy and introvent have improve their sales pitch, become more willing to engage or even becoming proactive to "solicit" the customers. The planners learnt a great deal about how to manage manpower, resources in the midst of putting up the show and lots more. This is what is really unique about this CCA, you hone your skills and learn new ones and these will certainly help them in their future endeavours. I once commented that sometimes i find my secondary school kids being able to outperform some students that are in tetiary level and i think once again this has just reinforce my belief.

I can't get any pictures up for some reason but i will try to post them again.