Monday, September 29, 2008

Outing before the arrival of the storm

The storm is brewing for the upcoming exams, 29days more to go.
One last outing for us to Vivocity before exams. We had dim sum buffet at dragon gate restaurant. Guess what, Kang vomitted later for eating too much.
The crazy ppl fooling around.
What is shaun thinking? Probably thinking about the pool game later.
See, play pool so happy.
Another group photo.
Play game damn serious, if only working more serious. Haha, just kidding but do see last post with updates of his working photos. Haha.
The pool game at paradiz centre. Thanks to Shaun's SAFRA card we had some discount.
Vivian with Kang. Vivian go outing arh, dun play pool, dun eat during buffet, waste money sia.
The act cool picture of Hui Shan. Haha ok lar she look cool.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The last project and 31 days more to exam

This is my marketing research project team. From the left Kang, Jiahe, me, Chong Hao and Shaun.
As you can see our dear Shaun was 'national property' for 3 weeks in the midst of the crazy project period so we were rather shorthanded most of the time. Its lucky, he was able to join us at the last lap to do some of the work cause we were all mentally exhausted by the time he is back while he is physically exhausted.
As you can see the rest of the gang working on the project.
I am glad this semester is coming to an end. Its been one hell of a semester. The due dates have never stop and in about 31 days, we will be having our first exam. After this, probably for some of us we will be saying bye bye to SIM and going for our exchange. Time flies and well we will be graduating soon and sianz arh damn suay tio mega recession... Anyway, i think to a certain level i will miss some of the stuff in SIM and the times i had here. At the same time, i am looking forward to having a new experience over in the States. One good news, Rikki got a place over at the States too which means more people for the travelling plans.
Updated photo discovered in Kang's photo, you can see the hardworking team members at work. Ooopss... Hmmm see closer see the left side hmmmm... whats that....

Haha. Its dear Shaun caught napping. Haha. Too tired from his ICT

Monday, September 15, 2008

Is it worth it, i hope so.

Yesterday, I had dinner with my secondary school friends and one of my friends commented, "I am surprise you actually turned up". Arhhh!!! So thats the start of it. I didn't realise a few of my friends were back and i didn't had a chance to talk to those whom i knew had been back for a few months. Its not that i have not tried, the fact is there are so many inbound and outbound friends during these part of the year. This is further complicated by some complications in my project team at the start and the endless due dates that i got to rush. Just to illustrate a bit further how "jialat" this semester had been. I was working till 4.30 a.m on my birthday and rushing to school and after a short celebration i went home and slept. When my friend ask when i am free to celebrate, I actually had to tell him not until end of the month. Sometimes, i wonder if really a work life balance is possible. And for the critics, i believe i am quite efficient. It's not that i do my work slower than the average Joe, in fact i believe i am faster then most of my peers in school yet sometimes i wonder why are they out partying when i am just looking and looking at the screen the entire day.

The lucky thing is at the end of this semester, i believe there will be at least be a temporary pause for this madness. Looking forward to this well deserved break at the end of the year.

Something else just struck me when Kang mention about not being able to go gym and stuff, i suddenly remember when was the last time i visited a lan shop, hmmm i think a year ago and guess what i used to go to lanshops even during the midst of O levels (which explains why i screw up) haha. I guess in life there will be trade offs, will be finishing my projects soon afterwhich exams will kick in by end oct. Hope i survived through.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bentley College

I have been nominated for Bentley College after my first choice was not available. Well i am indeed dissappointed with not given my first choice. However, I will still be out of the country, out of semester's 6 fury, into a new culture, new life enriching experience and a graduation trip in North America. Will be looking forward to making new friends and already i am gearing up for the trip. I think many people consider this crazy but when i went to SIM, the first thing i ask which degree offers overseas options but man this has been the greatest motivation for me to maintain a good GPA and chiong all the way till today. One more exam to go before i will lock in my results and lock in my place in the percentile game.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Handing in SM

Qian Hu Swimming the seven seas, yeah thats the title of our project case study for SM. Heard from the afternoon class, a rumour that 140 people failed SM. Instead of feeling worried, I am quite happy. Yeah, i know people will think i am crazy and unsympathetic and the fact is i don't even know whether i am clear myself. However, i think the thing is i am hoping this will be a sweeping tide to wipe out the free riders in the cohort. These free riders when it comes to individual work, they are totally screw up cause they have not place any effort in their group work and when its individual there is very few people they can rely or resources they can leech. They are like parasites, they deserve to be wipe out. Every single one of them.

I shall not name the people but just to let you know how ridiculous these people are. I got a friend, who is not very good with sm and he has four group members. Two of them are out dancing and teaching even when the dateline is close and think from feedback, there are far from safe. Some just bo chap. My group member actually stayed with the one poor soul left from that group to help him with it till 11pm... If evolution has its way, please wipe them all out, they do not deserve to pass.

Whether you pass or not, if you had put in the effort at least you know you did your best but these people are downright disgusting. I think many people have the same feelings but just did not express it like the way i do or they just avoid taking them in. Some of these people are just making use of friends... despicable. Why should people be make use of because they are kind enough? The other key thing is these people when they die they drag along other people to die as well.

Note: For the ppl who think they fit the category i say and think why should i be bothered about their business, then let me ask them this question if its really just your business, why are people covering your inadequancies, so is it really your business? If you are so zhai then make sure no one needs to cover your duties when you go dance or what so ever.

Monday, September 1, 2008

NEW Laptops

New laptops for my group, a bit late but well got to wait for the right things to come at the right time. Anyway, me and kang bought our UMPC last thursday. I bought my ASUS EEE 1000 which has a 40gb SSD drive instead of a normal Hard Drive. Kang bought Acer Aspire One. It would have helped much more if these two laptops came in like a month or two ago. That would have really reduce the weight we carry and solve the issue of us having one laptop less than the optimal number and improve the productivity. After this, the ASUS will follow me to the states if everything goes well. HAHA! Finally, most of my mobile package are ready for the trip next year.

The RACE of SEM 5

Look at those faces
During the project meeting
When are we finishing the race?
I hope really soon, this semester we have two prong endurance run. First is as seen in this picture, AHM 21km which wheww we successfully completed. The other more challenging one is on the academic front. First of all its the modules which include the killer module strategic management. Second is the close due dates, at its peak i have one due date weekly for three weeks. Third, shortage of manpower, my team only have a core group of four where people have six, the only additional member we have is Zhong Hao which i think is having a hell of a time for his other projects. Lastly, other unforeseen circumstances such as Shaun's NS reservist during the heat of the onslaught.
Basically, this semester is very different from the rest of the semester i had before. It is a real test of individual ability, time management, priorities and group effort and togetherness in sticking through this journey. Even for my group which had gone through quite a bit, i must say there are still hiccups here and there but we are hanging in there and hopefully deliver another good round of results at the end. For the many classmates i have, who still have not felt the urgency to get the move on, i think there is going to be a tsunami of failures at the end. This is year 3, no longer the foundation years and i don't think they know what does that means in terms of standard required which is a very sad thing. We can only warn those we know of the impending danger but at the end of the day, its really up to the individual. However, i sympathise with some of my friends who are bog down by unwilling members, unwilling to sacrifice their personal time to do work and rely on others to do the job for them. Thats just not the way to do things nor treat your friends. For those i think they deserve to fail and they ought to.