Saturday, September 27, 2008

The last project and 31 days more to exam

This is my marketing research project team. From the left Kang, Jiahe, me, Chong Hao and Shaun.
As you can see our dear Shaun was 'national property' for 3 weeks in the midst of the crazy project period so we were rather shorthanded most of the time. Its lucky, he was able to join us at the last lap to do some of the work cause we were all mentally exhausted by the time he is back while he is physically exhausted.
As you can see the rest of the gang working on the project.
I am glad this semester is coming to an end. Its been one hell of a semester. The due dates have never stop and in about 31 days, we will be having our first exam. After this, probably for some of us we will be saying bye bye to SIM and going for our exchange. Time flies and well we will be graduating soon and sianz arh damn suay tio mega recession... Anyway, i think to a certain level i will miss some of the stuff in SIM and the times i had here. At the same time, i am looking forward to having a new experience over in the States. One good news, Rikki got a place over at the States too which means more people for the travelling plans.
Updated photo discovered in Kang's photo, you can see the hardworking team members at work. Ooopss... Hmmm see closer see the left side hmmmm... whats that....

Haha. Its dear Shaun caught napping. Haha. Too tired from his ICT

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