Thursday, September 11, 2008

Handing in SM

Qian Hu Swimming the seven seas, yeah thats the title of our project case study for SM. Heard from the afternoon class, a rumour that 140 people failed SM. Instead of feeling worried, I am quite happy. Yeah, i know people will think i am crazy and unsympathetic and the fact is i don't even know whether i am clear myself. However, i think the thing is i am hoping this will be a sweeping tide to wipe out the free riders in the cohort. These free riders when it comes to individual work, they are totally screw up cause they have not place any effort in their group work and when its individual there is very few people they can rely or resources they can leech. They are like parasites, they deserve to be wipe out. Every single one of them.

I shall not name the people but just to let you know how ridiculous these people are. I got a friend, who is not very good with sm and he has four group members. Two of them are out dancing and teaching even when the dateline is close and think from feedback, there are far from safe. Some just bo chap. My group member actually stayed with the one poor soul left from that group to help him with it till 11pm... If evolution has its way, please wipe them all out, they do not deserve to pass.

Whether you pass or not, if you had put in the effort at least you know you did your best but these people are downright disgusting. I think many people have the same feelings but just did not express it like the way i do or they just avoid taking them in. Some of these people are just making use of friends... despicable. Why should people be make use of because they are kind enough? The other key thing is these people when they die they drag along other people to die as well.

Note: For the ppl who think they fit the category i say and think why should i be bothered about their business, then let me ask them this question if its really just your business, why are people covering your inadequancies, so is it really your business? If you are so zhai then make sure no one needs to cover your duties when you go dance or what so ever.

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