Monday, September 1, 2008

The RACE of SEM 5

Look at those faces
During the project meeting
When are we finishing the race?
I hope really soon, this semester we have two prong endurance run. First is as seen in this picture, AHM 21km which wheww we successfully completed. The other more challenging one is on the academic front. First of all its the modules which include the killer module strategic management. Second is the close due dates, at its peak i have one due date weekly for three weeks. Third, shortage of manpower, my team only have a core group of four where people have six, the only additional member we have is Zhong Hao which i think is having a hell of a time for his other projects. Lastly, other unforeseen circumstances such as Shaun's NS reservist during the heat of the onslaught.
Basically, this semester is very different from the rest of the semester i had before. It is a real test of individual ability, time management, priorities and group effort and togetherness in sticking through this journey. Even for my group which had gone through quite a bit, i must say there are still hiccups here and there but we are hanging in there and hopefully deliver another good round of results at the end. For the many classmates i have, who still have not felt the urgency to get the move on, i think there is going to be a tsunami of failures at the end. This is year 3, no longer the foundation years and i don't think they know what does that means in terms of standard required which is a very sad thing. We can only warn those we know of the impending danger but at the end of the day, its really up to the individual. However, i sympathise with some of my friends who are bog down by unwilling members, unwilling to sacrifice their personal time to do work and rely on others to do the job for them. Thats just not the way to do things nor treat your friends. For those i think they deserve to fail and they ought to.

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