Saturday, October 9, 2010

Backdated Post after 4 months

Quick summary for what happen during last 4 months,
-Almost died preparing for the CFA Level 1 examination-[but worth the effort WoohOOOOOO]
-Cleared my two weeks in camp [First High key but already ATEC stage 1; PC down barely 10 mins after hitting platoon objective; comms down as usual; super sway as usual]
-Sister got married off [Tiring event, got so many things to do]
-My birthday [Celebrated in two different countries [SG and HK] first birthday dinner was end July and my last one was in Mid September haha]
-Grad trip to HK and visited so many friends [Cool]-Our European friends came visit for two weeks although I only manage to hang out with them a few times, amazing never expect so many of them to come over
-Project work, I am done with Japan and patch upgrade(unexpected one which I had to redo the bulk of my previous test case). I still have my Australia one, man first time I heard project datelines keep pushing forward. Yesterday was the first in a month that i saw daylight after work....
-Sign for for Level 2 examinations after a long thought, still haven't figure out how to tackle it or rather too tired to think of how to tackle them.