Friday, August 28, 2009

Post Birthday and Job Hunt thoughts

I know I am really late in this post but I like to thank my friends who sms/facebook/celebrated or even snail mail me birthday cards. Really appreciate it. And yes, i found a job and like what my boss promise the learning curve is pretty steep in the sense that its on the job training, no orientation, no other new graduates and there is only me so well right now i am still trying to stay afloat. Hopefully, i can meet or even better exceed their expectations. Its tough starting out but i am glad at least i got the chance to start. Good luck to all my friends who are trying, the market is turning better so there will be silver lining out of this but choose wisely.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The need for bachelor of luck

Well, its been about 2 months since i have start the job hunting. I just came to realize while chatting with waihao that i have actually been to ten interviews in six companies out of 15 companies that i have applied for so far. Results were pretty mixed. I did get an offer on the first one but i did not take it. I am actually pretty glad that i didn't. I come to realize how important that first job is and getting it right. Most of the time, I held myself back, constantly thinking whether i was able to perform the task. Maybe i was too conservative but it was for a good reason that i did. Only time will tell when i get the right job and take the first step out.

So far, its been pretty demoralizing at times but i think i am still weathering the storm pretty fine. At least, my family does not require me to provide for them. I rather be label as picky right now. In the mean time I am actively preparing myself for the right opporunity, picking or revising skills that will put me in good stead.