Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dream Team

I have this crazy idea once again for another venture but again i think the concept is good but it will be tough to assemble this "Dream Team". All fresh people, with the right skills, desire, attitude and the level of trust for the whole operation to work out. Lets see if this will be a good one. Hopefully, it will be another in terms of well this concept can actually work out but not in terms of the lack of resources that we had experienced then to really get it started.

Telling the future

Haha, I have come to realize that I have a good sense of being able to fortell whats going to happen to people and advise accordingly. Although, it may not be 100% accurate but it has its worth. There is nothing special about how i derive certain conclusion. Its just base on observing people's behaviour, understanding their motivation and observing the environment.

Sadely, I think it is tough to communicate and convince people of their impending "disaster"I guess some people just hate the way I put across to them the blank truth of what is to come. Some people think that is sick and disgusting. I admit there might be ways i can improve in the delivery methods but i think there is hiding, people will remain oblivious to what they can be doing to steer away from trouble. Haha the chinese would describe it crudely as "fan jian" which probably is the best way to describe it. I have been through that stage so I know how it is to say" Haiya, never mind", only to regret it later. Haha. Lets hope no one hit the stage whereby the disaster is irreversible but well most of them are not. So good luck for the new year my friends and hope everyone will do well, no matter what you are doing and what your aim is but just make sure you don't go for a roundabout because there is not much time to do that without screwing up the rest of your life.

ChristmAs SeaSOn

Christmas Season is a hectic part of the year even though i am no Christian follower but i subscribe to the part that its a time of giving and keeping in touch with all those that matter to you and those that had helped you in one way or another.

However, I am having the holiday fatigue now. I have been out almost every single night. Its been exhausting both physically and for the account books. Haha, ironically my boss had been emphasising on the need to keep a Work Life Balance. Haha but i think i have a new model up, its call the Work Life and Account Balance (WLAB).

Anyway some of the places i have been this month, Vivo City "Body Guards and Assassins" Gala Primere.

Giant Ferrow Rocher Christmas tree outside Takashimaya. Crazy crowd at Orchard this season.

The new ochard central. Just realise they have pretty nice place at the roof and basement. The roof gives you a bird eyes view of Orchard area which is pretty similar to the Peak kinda feeling when you are in Hong Kong. The basement has some pretty nice designs and theme much like the casinos in Vegas. I think the marketing people for far east organisation is not doing their work. I would have never discover the presences of such good stuff if not for my friend...

Just realise, I was in the same kindergarden as Claire. Haha but her mum said there are like 10 classes. Who could have guess that. Singapore is just too small. HAha

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Team Lunch

Sorry, if all my post looks like its about work but the place is really happening. Today, its the team lunch data service and corporate action combined. Tomorrow is company level...
Anyway gift exchange presents

The gift that i recieved and now its proudly hanging at the side of my cubicle.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thank you dinners

Friday night, I was having dinner at Mahatten Fish Market with Shaun, Yan Hao, Anatasia and Sherman. Finally, all of us are working and so its time to pay tribute to one of our mentor, Sherman. I think Sherman had really help us with not just the academic part but our US trip as well. I don't really find lecturers going all the way for their students as he does. For example, he gave us a 50 slide handout and briefings for the US exchange. It covered a wide range of things that gave us a better concept of what to expect. Really appreciate that.
Saturday night it was the turn of my ncc air group. After all the debate and ideas of where to eat. We took a vote, the final decision was the kopitiam zhi cha tua opposite my area, recommended by none other then Ivan. We have 8 ppl and we had 9 dishes... and everything was in large portion. Initially, we thought they would be in small portions and lucky the auntie and Samatha stopped us from getting anymore.
Fist size man tou.
It seems that no matter how we eat and eat, the food just does not seem to get any lesser. Another lucky thing, the 10th dish, the pork ribs was not served and we manage to cancel it before it came. By the way, to my other friends sorry I can't treat everyone. There is just too many haha. Hope everyone can understand.

Company events -Charity Club

Our company had this task to help hold a party for the touch community for underpriviledge kids (kids with single parents or low income families). To make the long story short, we were in touch with the volunteers there and tried our best to see what we can do for the kids. Everyone went down early to help out with the decorations and stuff for the day not to forget having about six one hour long meetings for discussions and dozens of emails flying around for updates. My team was really gung ho.
I manage to bring two instructors from our air unit to perform for the kids and guess how they brought the guns over. It was hidden in the gold club casing.
End of the day, we have many happy kids that enjoyed the games, the gifts and performance.
Mission Accomplished.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Office view

Some of the photos from my office internet cafe. I love my office, my company :)