Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thank you dinners

Friday night, I was having dinner at Mahatten Fish Market with Shaun, Yan Hao, Anatasia and Sherman. Finally, all of us are working and so its time to pay tribute to one of our mentor, Sherman. I think Sherman had really help us with not just the academic part but our US trip as well. I don't really find lecturers going all the way for their students as he does. For example, he gave us a 50 slide handout and briefings for the US exchange. It covered a wide range of things that gave us a better concept of what to expect. Really appreciate that.
Saturday night it was the turn of my ncc air group. After all the debate and ideas of where to eat. We took a vote, the final decision was the kopitiam zhi cha tua opposite my area, recommended by none other then Ivan. We have 8 ppl and we had 9 dishes... and everything was in large portion. Initially, we thought they would be in small portions and lucky the auntie and Samatha stopped us from getting anymore.
Fist size man tou.
It seems that no matter how we eat and eat, the food just does not seem to get any lesser. Another lucky thing, the 10th dish, the pork ribs was not served and we manage to cancel it before it came. By the way, to my other friends sorry I can't treat everyone. There is just too many haha. Hope everyone can understand.

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