Sunday, December 27, 2009

Telling the future

Haha, I have come to realize that I have a good sense of being able to fortell whats going to happen to people and advise accordingly. Although, it may not be 100% accurate but it has its worth. There is nothing special about how i derive certain conclusion. Its just base on observing people's behaviour, understanding their motivation and observing the environment.

Sadely, I think it is tough to communicate and convince people of their impending "disaster"I guess some people just hate the way I put across to them the blank truth of what is to come. Some people think that is sick and disgusting. I admit there might be ways i can improve in the delivery methods but i think there is hiding, people will remain oblivious to what they can be doing to steer away from trouble. Haha the chinese would describe it crudely as "fan jian" which probably is the best way to describe it. I have been through that stage so I know how it is to say" Haiya, never mind", only to regret it later. Haha. Lets hope no one hit the stage whereby the disaster is irreversible but well most of them are not. So good luck for the new year my friends and hope everyone will do well, no matter what you are doing and what your aim is but just make sure you don't go for a roundabout because there is not much time to do that without screwing up the rest of your life.

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