Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Overnight gaming sessions

This student lounge is a perfect get away, with air con and plenty of couches, tables and most important of all a projecter screen. I have been there twice playing board games and having a movie marathon.
There is only one big problem, it took us 6 hours to play a game of axis and allies. It is so prolong that it tires out my team members which inevitably make people commit simple yet usually fatal mistakes. To some maybe this is an excuse but bearing testimonial to what i said, my team members just gave up halfway and not to mention forgetting one move that could possibly turn the tide of the war. Anyway anyone have any idea how to find old retro games for download. I am looking for PC Axis and Allies (1998 version)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Air guys outing

Well this outing is a big small, cause i guess everyone is getting busier. Suppose to be a buffet outing but we end up having a Sentosa outing and going for dinner. Its kinda hard to fit everyone in so its the best compromise. Well, the funny thing is Tang Chee suggested Sentosa but end up he cannot come. Haiz...
We played a bit of rugby which was rather tiring cause we only have 5 players. Well, we also bought a frisk bee which obviously was much more relax but still 5 players a bit hard to play.
Well, as usual after we are shag out which was not too long we just laze on the beach
The outing also gave me a chance to test out my new lens, the Tamaron 18-270mm lens which i think is quite shiok. I think its good for taking protraits of people cause of the telephoto aspects so you can capture more natural faces like this one with Benjamin and well with a touch of photo editing programme. Wahahaha...
Well, playing with sand seems to be for all ages
Group photo
After Sentosa, its back to Vivocity with old time favourites, Old Chang Kee snacks and hanging around at the roof to wait for Ivan.
Well, Ivan as usual is late again but better late then never (Tang Chee please remember that), so we decided to go to Ajisen in Plaza Singapura to kill some time and well its near the lan shop area which we can do some post dinner activity there.
I like my new lens haha the food looks great.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Cooking Refresher Course (CRC), Supervising Officer (Mother) Conducting officer: Me
Haha! Well this is part of my overseas trip preparation just in case i need to cook but of course still amateur level, vegetable only tried 2 styles so far.
Fish, three varieties as well, the other version using microwave just in case there is only microwave.
Chicken, i only tried two types but they all feel the same to me, of course they taste different, the other version i tried is the soya sauce kinda.
So that's for one meal, hmmm still wondering is it worth staying off campus for the savings or just go for hostel. Apart from the considering factor of money, cooking and transportation are other equally important factos to consider not to mention socialising Cooking once in a while its ok but cooking daily haha. The worst part the washing.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Leaving a legacy behind.

This is a very bad year despite being the auspicious 08 year. I have attended so many wakes this year is a bit overwhelming. The latest one left the most distinct impression. He is my unit's S3 which is only 30 plus years old. He left behind two very young kids and his wife. Its really a bit shocking cause you know that he is damn fit and he looks perfectly healthy.

When i saw the message that he passed away early one morning, i was like are you sure and what happened and i believe everyone was kinda shock. He is so young and fit. I even thought it might have something to do with the 42km run that happened not too long ago. My friend called and told me it was cancer and i found out later that from the time of discovery to his passing it was a mere two months. Life is just so fragile and unexpected so as the old sayings goes cherish what you have and live your life to the fullest everyday. What i guess we are also concern for is his widow and the kids. Although he is a military man and certainly bought some form of insurance, i do not know whether it is enough to last the family. It will also be a difficult time ahead for his widow to bring up two young children on her own. My best wishes to them and hope that their god will help them get through the grieve and move on.

The wake was also something i feel that bear testimonial to a person's doing when he or she is alive. I was not directly under him and yet i feel a level of respect for him. I think compare to others wayang officers or the bo chap officers he is really one that has certain quality of leadership in him that will make people respect and do things for him. He is also not the kind that is superificially nice, he will still assert his authority when needed to get the job done. It is unfortunately that he has pass away so young. Anyway, this is the kind of leader that i salute and hope to work with but its not really easier to find such people around.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Marina Barrage Second or third visit,

First visit was a short toilet break during the Army Half Marathon. Follow by another with Jian Ming and Claire to take photographs. So this is the third visit with Kang, Shaun and Vivian.
From the top, this is a place i would recommend for people to come chill
The barrage from the top
Zi pai effect which i felt is not bad.
This place is great for picnics. Just bring your own drinks and snacks because the cafe food definately more expensive.
Well this one taken with the mini tripod against the city landscape.
Another shot with the tripod, this time facing the sea.

Cohort BBQ.

Cohort photo of those who attended the BBQ quite a sizable number
Early Birds for the BBQ Jiahe with his usually taste for all things alcoholic, wine, liquor and well beer
In the left corner you can see Xuanhe with his Freedom starhub shirt. Haha thought it was very appropriate for the holiday period haha.
Eugene are you trying to challenge Nicholas, the muscle man. Haha.
Another shot during the bbq.
Well and some of our cooks for the night.
My favourite for the night was actually the sausage
Yes the cooks.
which took the best part of the food. ahahaha
Beer with wings, they make a great pair
Zhonghao hidding at one corner finishing the best bbq chicken wings ahaha thats why he was cooking haha
Kang stealing the chips. Hehe
Well, a bit of fun with the water. Maybe that was a bad idea.
Look what happen next. Water and BBQ do not go too well.
Jiahe pushing Ruben into the water and well quite a bad move to stay and take this victory pose.
What happen next was kinda expected. Unfortunately, it happen so fast Jiahe's handphone went in with him. Haha and you can see he was trying to save it.
They are even now.
Even for them but definately someone else must go in as well. See Zhong Hao with his frighten face. haha grabbing the chair for safety and the others all siam.
Easier target, Eugene and guess what the rest were doing all laughing beside. AHAHHA
Well more helpers... to save Eugene that is
Haha, nice job Ruben, we were all caught unawared.

Welcome Okazaki Commercial High School

Dear Kang asked me along to help out at Nanyang Community Centre on an exchange programme so i thought well why not. It actually turn out to be a good experience.
The group that i was assigned to from right the lady in right, Mika, the second R.O.E (which i certainly do not think its spelt this way but thats the way i remember it) and the last one too chim i really can't remember. Guess what it took me like more than 5 minutes to tell them my name which i doubt they can really remember or pronounce. Haha, it was like a chicken talking to a group of ducks. Sign language is better i must say. Well, the ironic thing is i am going US to learn Japanese so I hoped my Japanese will improved when i am back.
Kang with the Japanese exchange students
I can tell Kang is very popular with the Japanese girls. Haha just look at this photo, i wonder if they are hinting anything. HAha. He was stop every few steps on the way out by the Japanese girls to take photos. Kang haha Singapore is not suitable for you, you should go Japan haha think that is a better place for you. Haha.