Sunday, December 28, 2008

Air guys outing

Well this outing is a big small, cause i guess everyone is getting busier. Suppose to be a buffet outing but we end up having a Sentosa outing and going for dinner. Its kinda hard to fit everyone in so its the best compromise. Well, the funny thing is Tang Chee suggested Sentosa but end up he cannot come. Haiz...
We played a bit of rugby which was rather tiring cause we only have 5 players. Well, we also bought a frisk bee which obviously was much more relax but still 5 players a bit hard to play.
Well, as usual after we are shag out which was not too long we just laze on the beach
The outing also gave me a chance to test out my new lens, the Tamaron 18-270mm lens which i think is quite shiok. I think its good for taking protraits of people cause of the telephoto aspects so you can capture more natural faces like this one with Benjamin and well with a touch of photo editing programme. Wahahaha...
Well, playing with sand seems to be for all ages
Group photo
After Sentosa, its back to Vivocity with old time favourites, Old Chang Kee snacks and hanging around at the roof to wait for Ivan.
Well, Ivan as usual is late again but better late then never (Tang Chee please remember that), so we decided to go to Ajisen in Plaza Singapura to kill some time and well its near the lan shop area which we can do some post dinner activity there.
I like my new lens haha the food looks great.

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