Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Leaving a legacy behind.

This is a very bad year despite being the auspicious 08 year. I have attended so many wakes this year is a bit overwhelming. The latest one left the most distinct impression. He is my unit's S3 which is only 30 plus years old. He left behind two very young kids and his wife. Its really a bit shocking cause you know that he is damn fit and he looks perfectly healthy.

When i saw the message that he passed away early one morning, i was like are you sure and what happened and i believe everyone was kinda shock. He is so young and fit. I even thought it might have something to do with the 42km run that happened not too long ago. My friend called and told me it was cancer and i found out later that from the time of discovery to his passing it was a mere two months. Life is just so fragile and unexpected so as the old sayings goes cherish what you have and live your life to the fullest everyday. What i guess we are also concern for is his widow and the kids. Although he is a military man and certainly bought some form of insurance, i do not know whether it is enough to last the family. It will also be a difficult time ahead for his widow to bring up two young children on her own. My best wishes to them and hope that their god will help them get through the grieve and move on.

The wake was also something i feel that bear testimonial to a person's doing when he or she is alive. I was not directly under him and yet i feel a level of respect for him. I think compare to others wayang officers or the bo chap officers he is really one that has certain quality of leadership in him that will make people respect and do things for him. He is also not the kind that is superificially nice, he will still assert his authority when needed to get the job done. It is unfortunately that he has pass away so young. Anyway, this is the kind of leader that i salute and hope to work with but its not really easier to find such people around.

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