Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Results Day

The results came streaming in by Wednesday 3rd Decemeber and the last two results came in on December 4th. Well, if you ask me, did not do as expected but was rather satisfied with the results except for strategic management. Guess that was the big bomb shell that everyone was waiting for.

When i got my all my assignment results, the group project was far below what we expected. Frankly speaking, I still think we deserve better so I am waiting for the hard copy to be recieved before I can say that i accept the grades. Not that I am a sore loser but many of my team members also feel what the hell. We know we did better than some groups in terms of quality yet we get much worse off results, its not for the marks that I am upset but I feel that my work has been insulted by the assessment.

This semester i miss another hd by 2 marks over my market research module which frankly speaking i am not that upset because i think i tried my best and if thats the mark i get so be it. Compared to last semester's result i felt much better not that the results are any better. Last semester, i felt somewhat being drag down by some factors which i not going to mention again which was at my expense but at least this sem i know this is what i can do so i feel so much better.

Anyway this is my last major exam, only one more module that will contribute to my GPA and seal my fate, WIL 2 which i heard is another module that drag the GPA down. So will be channeling resources to nail that down and yes it will be the end of my school life at least for now. Well, not forgetting i still cannot fail the other subjects that i will be taking over even though its just a pass or fail.

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