Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Welcome Okazaki Commercial High School

Dear Kang asked me along to help out at Nanyang Community Centre on an exchange programme so i thought well why not. It actually turn out to be a good experience.
The group that i was assigned to from right the lady in right, Mika, the second R.O.E (which i certainly do not think its spelt this way but thats the way i remember it) and the last one too chim i really can't remember. Guess what it took me like more than 5 minutes to tell them my name which i doubt they can really remember or pronounce. Haha, it was like a chicken talking to a group of ducks. Sign language is better i must say. Well, the ironic thing is i am going US to learn Japanese so I hoped my Japanese will improved when i am back.
Kang with the Japanese exchange students
I can tell Kang is very popular with the Japanese girls. Haha just look at this photo, i wonder if they are hinting anything. HAha. He was stop every few steps on the way out by the Japanese girls to take photos. Kang haha Singapore is not suitable for you, you should go Japan haha think that is a better place for you. Haha.

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