Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cohort BBQ.

Cohort photo of those who attended the BBQ quite a sizable number
Early Birds for the BBQ Jiahe with his usually taste for all things alcoholic, wine, liquor and well beer
In the left corner you can see Xuanhe with his Freedom starhub shirt. Haha thought it was very appropriate for the holiday period haha.
Eugene are you trying to challenge Nicholas, the muscle man. Haha.
Another shot during the bbq.
Well and some of our cooks for the night.
My favourite for the night was actually the sausage
Yes the cooks.
which took the best part of the food. ahahaha
Beer with wings, they make a great pair
Zhonghao hidding at one corner finishing the best bbq chicken wings ahaha thats why he was cooking haha
Kang stealing the chips. Hehe
Well, a bit of fun with the water. Maybe that was a bad idea.
Look what happen next. Water and BBQ do not go too well.
Jiahe pushing Ruben into the water and well quite a bad move to stay and take this victory pose.
What happen next was kinda expected. Unfortunately, it happen so fast Jiahe's handphone went in with him. Haha and you can see he was trying to save it.
They are even now.
Even for them but definately someone else must go in as well. See Zhong Hao with his frighten face. haha grabbing the chair for safety and the others all siam.
Easier target, Eugene and guess what the rest were doing all laughing beside. AHAHHA
Well more helpers... to save Eugene that is
Haha, nice job Ruben, we were all caught unawared.

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