Friday, January 16, 2009

Bentley University Dorms

The common area in our dorm. This is Forest Hall, its actually a suite. It has a Common area seen here with microwave, refrigerator and stuff like dat. Its shared by 8 people in 4 different rooms so 2 each.

So 492 is my room.

My bes is on the side and thats my study table and rommie Chong Hao or he like to call himself Scott, btw he is from SIM-RMIT as well and was my group mate back there.

Another view of my room which probably give you a better view of whats the room is like.
Other roomies living in the area. These two guys, Klye (left) and Minghui, David (right) are from NTU
This is the bathroom.

Seattle Day 5

Seattle Day 4

Day 4 was spend on going mainly to this unique underground tour but because the tickets were unable to get the tickets online, we had to move off early to get them from the tour provider.