Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year Eve

This years' New Year Eve celebration took place at Claire's place. Haha, the family parked their cars to block off parts of the road behind their backyard to put up tables.

Food, its been a month of feasting
Mario with Jian Ming, I don't know what they are trying to do .... Hahaha
Wei Ming acting cool haha
The tables at the backyard
Jian Ming with Yi Hong's dog Mao Mao
Retro game, Claire prepared some very old games like pickup stick (up), donkey, happy family ... etc
Johnson trying to pull a party popper, looks like he needs a bit more training.
Playing sparklers seems to be a much more easier job
The host joining in the fun.
Oh did i mention, we sort of miss the countdown timing playing majong and UNO haha so we did the countdown on our own set of timing.
New Year wishes
After the countdown its back to the games and we played and played till it was 6.30 haha

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