Sunday, January 11, 2009

Seattle day 1

Finally i have sometime to try to get some captions on the photos.
As the picture put it Welcome to Japan... the que was damn long lar. Sorry for the Singlish here but its something that is hard to be use here haha.
Vending machines that sell travel insurance
The resting areas was very spacious and comfortable just by looking at the guy
The gates are like super far away, so for anyway travelling in Japan please give yourself some time to get from one gate to another.
Chong Hao (now known as Scott), left and Rikki on the right
Boarding time as i said by the time we clear customs and get from our arrival to depature gate and arrival gate it was just nice.
Meals on board. The breakfast to japan sucks, didn't take a photo of that but the rest were great.
Some of the lunch or was it dinner but it is not bad.
Scott was damn fast lar, first blood on the plane with a Japanese girl... haha wonder what will happen when we start school, a blonde girl maybe?
Portland, well the port of entry to US for us. Its like super crowded and the que moves very very slowly. For clearing immigration i think its took us about probably an hour and again we just got to our next flight just on time.
The Ex Governor of Portland, I can't remember his name but we took a photo of with his Statue
This is Horizon Air, the airline we took from Portland to Seattle.
First time i took a flight that went 45 degrees upwards. The 45 degree upward climb was damn long also lor like mora than 60% of the flight no kidding and even with the steep angle they still serve drinks, i was worried that the cart would be running all over.
Over Seattle
After arriving in Seattle.

We were freezing once we step out of the airport. Haha lucky for me i got more layers on.
Rikki's Aunt Ate Zen prepare the first meal.
From left AJ, John, Zen, Rikki
Aunt Zen
Bank of America, the titles they have for their personnel is like damn high but the things they do its like duh... like just front like job but they have titles like vice president.
To let you feel how cheap it cna get DKNY sweater cost i think $19.90
Yes we have arrive in the U.S, still quite shag from all the travelling and the lack of sleep for the last few days. So for now just a simple photo while we adjust over here. This is a lunch photo with Rikki's aunt during the lunch after touching down. Its not the entire family yett but will get one soon. By the way, sorry to those that were at the airport if i appear grumpy or black face. I guess i was just too tired.


Kang said...

y0z. hows life over there? Weather cold or not? The girl beside ricky is pretty. :)

Daryl said...

I MISS U.S!!! Remember to blog more often!! Prepare for an explosion of fun! =D Take care bro. Let me know if you need anything from home.