Friday, January 2, 2009

23 dinner at Cafebiz

I know this post is a bit late but i was looking for photos. That also reminds me to all those who had old class and event photos please pass it on, copying a JPEG file IS FREE... HAhah. ANyway, we had our annual dinner this year at Cafebiz, recommended by the show Buffet Buffet and guess what the amazing UOB card had to offer. A cool 30% offer but even after discount its like 44 bucks each. Overall evaluation, with the variety not really worth the price. (Rikki stop molesting Ivan as if he is pregnant, whahaha)
Well, it is not all negative, they do have some pretty good stuff but as in for value for money, nope won't pass my benchmark.
Lobster versus Alaskan Crab, definitely Alaskan Crab taste better.

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minimin said...

They should have Alaskan crab in Seattle (cos of the proximity), did you try?! YUMS