Sunday, August 16, 2009

The need for bachelor of luck

Well, its been about 2 months since i have start the job hunting. I just came to realize while chatting with waihao that i have actually been to ten interviews in six companies out of 15 companies that i have applied for so far. Results were pretty mixed. I did get an offer on the first one but i did not take it. I am actually pretty glad that i didn't. I come to realize how important that first job is and getting it right. Most of the time, I held myself back, constantly thinking whether i was able to perform the task. Maybe i was too conservative but it was for a good reason that i did. Only time will tell when i get the right job and take the first step out.

So far, its been pretty demoralizing at times but i think i am still weathering the storm pretty fine. At least, my family does not require me to provide for them. I rather be label as picky right now. In the mean time I am actively preparing myself for the right opporunity, picking or revising skills that will put me in good stead.

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