Monday, September 29, 2008

Outing before the arrival of the storm

The storm is brewing for the upcoming exams, 29days more to go.
One last outing for us to Vivocity before exams. We had dim sum buffet at dragon gate restaurant. Guess what, Kang vomitted later for eating too much.
The crazy ppl fooling around.
What is shaun thinking? Probably thinking about the pool game later.
See, play pool so happy.
Another group photo.
Play game damn serious, if only working more serious. Haha, just kidding but do see last post with updates of his working photos. Haha.
The pool game at paradiz centre. Thanks to Shaun's SAFRA card we had some discount.
Vivian with Kang. Vivian go outing arh, dun play pool, dun eat during buffet, waste money sia.
The act cool picture of Hui Shan. Haha ok lar she look cool.

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