Monday, September 15, 2008

Is it worth it, i hope so.

Yesterday, I had dinner with my secondary school friends and one of my friends commented, "I am surprise you actually turned up". Arhhh!!! So thats the start of it. I didn't realise a few of my friends were back and i didn't had a chance to talk to those whom i knew had been back for a few months. Its not that i have not tried, the fact is there are so many inbound and outbound friends during these part of the year. This is further complicated by some complications in my project team at the start and the endless due dates that i got to rush. Just to illustrate a bit further how "jialat" this semester had been. I was working till 4.30 a.m on my birthday and rushing to school and after a short celebration i went home and slept. When my friend ask when i am free to celebrate, I actually had to tell him not until end of the month. Sometimes, i wonder if really a work life balance is possible. And for the critics, i believe i am quite efficient. It's not that i do my work slower than the average Joe, in fact i believe i am faster then most of my peers in school yet sometimes i wonder why are they out partying when i am just looking and looking at the screen the entire day.

The lucky thing is at the end of this semester, i believe there will be at least be a temporary pause for this madness. Looking forward to this well deserved break at the end of the year.

Something else just struck me when Kang mention about not being able to go gym and stuff, i suddenly remember when was the last time i visited a lan shop, hmmm i think a year ago and guess what i used to go to lanshops even during the midst of O levels (which explains why i screw up) haha. I guess in life there will be trade offs, will be finishing my projects soon afterwhich exams will kick in by end oct. Hope i survived through.

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