Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wierd situation

I can't say the specifics here but right now I am at an important cross roads choosing between two paths. The first path, there is much more clarity and maybe more smooth. The second one is more like a dream. I guess this is always this problem of choosing something that you can do well or something you had dreamt of doing. I don't think its bad either path is just whether you might have any regrets later for not exploring the other option. However, difficult it might be guess we all have to make a decision which path we are going to take. I hope the path that I am taking will be the right choice but I will definitely be putting in my best for the choice I will be making. I think many of my friends are facing the same situation as I do and I hope we can all find our ways and don't turn back to regret whatever choice we are making today. Make a wise decision, pull all your sources available to access the options. Wish everyone good luck in the still "choppy situation".