Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 06 Spring Break Orlando Disney Magic Kingdom 12th March

This is going to be the longest entry by far. Today, we reach Disneyland Magic Kingdom which is supposing the best in the world but now that i have visited the place and another few of my friends. Recommendation visit epcot instead of magic Kingdom unless you are with kids below the age of 10. Tickets are nearly USD80 and each park requires one full day.
Transportation system to and fro and within the part is good so don't worry about it.
The highlight of the park is the space mountain ride at tomorrowland.
Btw, ques are long and you can make use of your entry pass to collect a fast pass every hour. Time and use the fast pass wisely. Most of the popular rides require nearly an hour waiting in the que and just 2 mins to complete the ride so unless you want to constantly wait in que please do some planning.

if i am on the roller coaster and i can still be taking photos like that, it goes to show how fast the roller coasters are.

I like the disney show with 3D imagery which i think was pretty cool and there are good effects as well like real water splashing on you. Oh ya, we met the HKU group again haha but its a pity we didn't get to meet Ali and Miriam at all.
This is the space mountain. The last photo with my lens cap which i lost on that day.
The Disney Castle, btw i got my orientation wrong. For fireworks which is the highlight of the park, you got to be standing in front of the castle and i was standing behind the castle when it happen...

Lunchtime. Anyway if you are on budget you can bring your own food. We were overly concerned that they won't allow food stuff in but well guess not.
The parade starts at 3 but for i think only 10 mins. Oh ya, we were all wearing the Miami shirt if you notice except for Kyle who refuse to wear it.
Disney mouse ice cream which is not cheap, its USD $3 but the weather was freaking hot so who can resist it.
We found Scott's sister here, the number one lamer by far. Her jokes were like so cold... Anyway by this time of the day, i am already feeling damn bored because all the rides are so kiddish..

The Pirates of the Caribbean store is a good place to take photos because you can use all the toys in the shop to take funny shots. The 'small small world' ride was really so .... If i am 4 years old i will be damn happy but i am nearly 24 and i just can't take it anymore. haha the kiddo stuff was just driving me crazy.

The highlight of the night the fireworks but as mention i was at the wrong area. The night view of Disney was way nicer than the day and i could not understand why they are not open at night.
We went to Disney downtown after that for dinner and shopping but i guess there were just too many things to shop for and we didn't manage to get dinner.

Anyway, if you want to have a glimpse of disney but not willing to pay for the entrance ticket, you can go downtown disney. Anyway i am pretty bored of writing so just take a look at the photos and try to decipher whats going on.

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