Tuesday, March 31, 2009

5 more weeks to go

I am supposed to be very busy right now after a very long but fruitful weekend hosting Rikki and his friends from Chicago around Boston and finally meeting Raoul for dinner with some of the other exchange students (affter 3 months). Haha but i guess this is gonna be pretty short. there is 5 more weeks left, time really flies and soon it will be over. It is especially significant because not only it marks the end of my stay at Bentley, it is also the end of my schooling career and the start of a new phase of my life full of unknown. Not having a job at hand is also a source of discomfort. I guess i will have to dig some time out to spam those CVs and resumes real soon.

I am definately gonna miss all the friends that i met over here. Its like when i was on exchange 7 years ago but i hope this is gonna be slightly better with technology like facebook and msn. This has definately been a significant milestone in my life and i would guess for all the exchange students as well. I doubt anyone would have regret coming for the exchange and bringing back the memories and experience that not everyone back home gets.

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