Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 08 Spring Break Transit Alantic City 14th March

We arrived in Alantic City early in the morning and our rooms were not ready so we took a walk and look for breakfast.
After breakfast, we were lucky again. St Patrick Day parade was happening at the Alantic City Broadwalk.

St Patrick day is an Irish festival and it is a pretty big thing given that there is a large irish population in north eastern united states. According to my friend on St Pat day everyone is supposed to wear green. If you are not in green, the others can give u a pinch.
Look at the cool ah mas riding all the bikes, i cannot imagine my grandma doing that LOL
And during the parades, they will throw sweets and beads for the children but haha the Singapore gang found it super amusing and started collecting the beads and sweets as well. At the end of the day, there was a big bag of sweets so if you are at the parade i guess you won't need to buy any candies.

After that its the Casino... and for those who want to do some shopping there are outlet malls around the area but they are closed by 7pm so do your shopping in the afternoon.

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