Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 07 Spring Break Transit St Augustine 13th March

Before we left, we took a photo of the motel which i highly recommend.
We left for St Augustine which is a historic town. According to lonely planet, it was the first city in the U.S.

To my surprised, the Spaniards landed in the U.S in the 1500s and i guess they are probably the first europeans to establish a city and of course the city has a very rich spanish heritage.

The greatest joke of the day. Kyle was walking up this flight of stairs to take some photos and never did he imagine what he would see... "This premise is protected by Scott Alarm"... Hahaha Kyle just burst into laughter upon seeing the sign. Haha...and they were still comtemplating how the scott alarm would work by sounding off "Scott! Scott! Scott!" until the intruder is truely and surely irritated.
Oh always visit the welcome centre, we took some coupons and found a good place for lunch.

While we were eating lunch, we heard some cannon firing and decided to pay a visit to the nearby fort.
As usual we didn't pay any entrance fee but took a look at the outside and took photos which i think is a good idea.

And... we got lucky, there was another round of firing for some special occasion that day and we manage to catch it. I love my camera haha.

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