Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 05 Spring Break Miami and Orlando 11th March

For the last day at Miami, we went to Miami beach again and this time i got my revenge against Scott for deleting away some photos.
Nice sunny weather and a lot of college students all over and this time we met Tulio (from Brazil) and Luke (HKU).

Oh one thing i like about Miami beach its the wave its super duper fun. Its much bigger than those found in Singapore and you can feel the full force of the wave but the water is pretty shallow.
Anyway later in the afternoon, we got to Kennedy Space Centre. We miss the space shuttle launch on tthe 6th of March and we saw this sign that says there was a launch on that night that was cancel... It woould have been cool to be able to witness a space shuttle launch or any launch actually.
Anyway, the tickets for the space centre was darn expensive and we didn't want to go in because it would certainly bust our budget and we only have a few hours.
We arrive at the motel which was by far the best one we had and certainly worth the money. Kyle and Yann Min was designated Andrew's hair dresser and it was quite stressful for them i guess haha given that none of them had experience cutting the hair of others. I think Andrew was also pretty desperate enough to get the hair cut there and then... It also bears testimonial to how much the locals trust their barber... haha Anyway it was not that bad after all and Andrew was saying its better than the local barber.
Anyway, the motel that we staed in is called the Metropolitan Express which is located near the attractions and there are shuttles to them so no worries. It cost us 60 dollars a night and its spacious. 2 queen space beds, fridge, safe and other stuff and lots of eateries nearby. The onyl drawback thw wifi is a bit screw up and you got to go to the hotel lobby to get access to it. Btw for people who are squeezing people illegally, this is a good choice, we got 5 ppl into a 2 person room without any problems.

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