Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 04 Spring Break Miami 10th March

We went to the town of Ford Lauderdale area to take a look and hmmm i think this place is pretty upscale and the houses are really nice but i don't think its for the commoners like us.
There was this wierd guy running with a glass... I don't know what he is trying to do but i think you won't find something like dat back in Singapore.
Fort Lauderdale beach, its a nice place. It has nicer beaches with clean and clear sea water and is less crowded than Miami beach. Our new travel buddy, Yan Min San had just flew down to join us.
I mean really clean water, nice weather and clear blue skies. Its almost perfect.
Anyway we found cheap and good lunch nearby which i think cost us about 10 to 12 dollars each with burger fries and a drink.
Helping Scott add a little salt to help his coke get a bit more tasty. We went to another beach, this time to the Cape Florida Lighthouse area.
We were a little high for the sun and beaches so anywhere we go haha we went into the water. This is what you do when you have been freezing for way too long up North.
The current here are much stronger than the ones at Miami beach and we could barely swim against the currents so we didn't venture too far out.
A little sign here to show that we have been here. We arrive too late at Miami beach to let Yan Min see the fully glory of the beach but i think there were still good photos to be taken.

We miss this gem which was right beside our hotel, Pier 5 Bayside Marketplace which was really nice. Too bad we didn't know about it and by the time we were there most of the shops were closing. There are shops, nice night scenary and a stage for performances pretty much like esplanade area in Singapore.
We got a good bargain i think. A Miami shirtfor 9 bucks each.

This is where Miami heats play so if anyone like Miami heats, its gonna be here and there was a match happening while we were there but again didn't spend money to get in.

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