Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Super outdated clubbing photos

Yan Min's birthday took us quite a while to plan and set up but still there were some minor screw ups. Haha but i guess its still good. The next birthday is gonna be a headache, we are running out of ideas.
Anyway after the celebration, we went to Skellig, a clubbing place frequent by Bentley Students. Its quite near campus so it cost us about $2 each in cab fare for each way.

Drinks are not too cheap and Boston is certainly not a good place to go clubbing. If you are a foreigner be prepared to bring your passport, other ids such as driver license are not accepted. You got to be abpve 21 and they have damn wierd timings. by 12.50 they will close... so literally you got about slightly more than an hour because the crowd only comes in at 11.30p.m and the music is not that great. Apart from the fact that it is cheap, the standard ain't anywhere near the Singapore clubbing scene.

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