Sunday, October 11, 2009

Life at work

Busy busy but finally got the hang of things or at least more or less. Had a fire drill last friday and its kinda problematic when you are on the 47th floor... cause we have to climb the stairs but its not too bad consider that i have to train for the Nike Human Race anyway but my leg is aching a bit now. Lucky for me, i do exercise and train for the race so its not that bad. With the recent earthquake, it makes me think about working on the 47th floor. If there is really a major disaster, i think i will probably not waste the time trying to get down if its really that bad but spend the time calling whoever i need to say my good byes. Haha, not meant to scare anyone but yah i find it probably impossible to escape so why not just make the best use of the left over time. HAHA

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