Thursday, September 24, 2009

My 100 Post

Its my 100 post. Haha and it also marks the completion of my first month of service with Schroders. Its been such a crazy month with so much to learn and master in a short time. The good and bad thing the learning does not stop, i always have new things to learn which is good but of course it is probably also the reason why i am staying till late cause i need to try to pick up the ropes asap. I am still trying to figure out everything and get my work, life and studies in balance which is probably an uphill to learn. Haven't really touch on my CFA yet and now i have e learning course to cope with. I mean all these things are good but i guess its really a test of balance. I am glad though to be busy and thankfully the environment is good and forgiving. I had no short of scares, like missing the deadlines and doing something wrongly but i guess with time, and getting to know the big picture, i have started to figure out how things work and should work and hopefully with time and experience, i will strive to achieve a near zero record while trying to increase the speed.

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