Sunday, September 20, 2009

Post Convocation thought

Haven't had the chance to really write on the blog or do anything much. Its nearly a month since i started work and I had been working till pretty late (maybe i am slow to pick things up?). Anyway, I think my daily work is more or less stabilize but i do have new ones that pop out every few days plus my ongoing "mini projects". Not that I am complaining, I am in fact glad that i am learning more and more interesting stuff. At the same time, I am trying to do my CFA which is not really working right now but i guess got to get focus and get things done. Time is a luxury that i don't have much right now.
Nevertheless, I have finally graduated and have found a good company with good people who are willing to teach me and i am grateful for all these. I am also glad that i have my family, friends, lectuers and school staff who have helped me along the way in anyway possible either through giving me advice, telling me where are the jobs and things like dat. But for those very "blur friends" please help our friends who are still looking for opportunities if you happen to know any, opportunites come and go and the delay is costly. Not reprimanding anyone here but well i guess its just try to be more proactive and whether it is any good or not finally, at least we have done our part as friends so be a bit more ... hmmm i also don't know whats the word to use. I guess just open your mouth to tip the person off.

I miss school already haha.

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