Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dinner at Judy and Bill

We were invited by the lady we met at the back of the photoshoot, Judy. This is his husband, Bill, who is preparing his salmon for us. Anyway, Bill drove and picked us up from school which was really nice and their house is like a 5 min drive from Bentley. Btw did i mention Bill has been a research scientist in MIT for more than 25 years. So this is their living room, if you want to know what a typical middle income family looks like this should be a good example.
Dinner time. The dinner was good. we had salmon rice and veggie and Bill told us about many interesting things about MIT including some really creative and wacky hex while Judy was telling us about the creative ways she used to find a nice man during her younger days. Its just amazing.
This is the latest additional to their house.
Old friends are The best friends well thats true but there will always be new friends as well.
Anyway a group photo.
Bill was showing us their family photos and family tree. One of the family photo showed something like 140 people coming together for a family gathering which is like ...
The scared MIT Quarter Century chair that Bill had. My god, there aren't many people who qualify to get this chair and the best part we got a chance to sit on it. Haha, will sitting on this prestigious chair make one smarter haha. I got to try.

Hehe here we are sitting on the quarter century chair. OkOk hopefully no need to study also can get FM (full marks) haha.

Another interesting artefact, its suppose to represent Judy's mum and dad in Norway.

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