Sunday, February 22, 2009

New york Day 02

Early in the morning, we went to Woodbury Factory Outlet, we paid $32 each for the bus ride there which is about an hour ride away from New York. The bus boarding area looks like what you would expert of in a mini airport. You might think the $32 was expensive and i agree it is but i was convince there was good bargains because of the President Day sale and i would miss the next big sale because its on 30th May and i am flying back on the 29th...

Ok, the place was huge. Each brand name got its own big store. This is a Premium outlet so all the big brands like Coach, Gucci, Kate Spade and many others are all found here.
Take a look at how big the place is, we were there at 9 and we still could not cover all the places. Two of the Singaporeans, Yan Min and Kyle studying hard at the map and marking their route of advancement... Amazing actually i think they don't even study as hard in school (bentley) as they study for the shopping trip and you can see everyone was really ready and excited for the trip. One thing about America, please register online at the premium factory outlet website and get a vip pass because it has vouchers that are good and its free. Yan Min got her Kate at 20% off in additional to whatever discount was there in the store. Bearing in mind, visit an outlet mall armed with coupons (collect from the information counter or print it) as well as look out for holidays with sale. There are three i heard, president's day memorial day and another at the end of the year.
Just to let you know how sick it can get, P.K got some of her stuff at 50% off and in additional another 75% off... great singapore sale ain't anything compared to this.
The aftermath of a day's shopping...
One thing to bear in mind, try to bring some foldable duffle bag so that you don't attract unwanted attention from too much branded paper bags. Consider your weight limit as well. Oh as well don't waste time on lower end brands just go for the mid or higher ends, you won't have time for all. One more thing which i am glad, bring a UMPC and get your family ready. I found wifi at the Sony store and i used it to skype my mum and sis. Another thing the sony store had very bad customer service but sony redeem itself by having free wifi.
Tired... after a full day of shopping.
Everyone back at the hostel trying to get connected
My UMPC is one of my greatest asset here. just connect and you are on your way to a cheap call. Recommendation get the skype credits as well so that you can just call back and ask anyone to be on skype at much cheaper rates like 0.021 cents a min or so. For the hostel, i must say the internet connection was not very stable and hence a lot of my calls were dropped but its ok i still got my message through.

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