Monday, February 2, 2009

Chinese New Year at Bentley

Haven't had time to upload or process the photos until now and its not that i am particularly free as well just that i better find some time to clear these photos. America is not all that easy after all. There are plenty of readings to be done and quizz to be done before each class. Not that i have not expected that but well its a bit too much i feel and i had to spend some time to adjust to class.
Anyway, these are some photos of chinese new year we had at bentley where we invited all the exchange and actually almost anyone we knew to a steamboat or hotpot party. Its kind of crazy but fun. Its crazy cause we had like 30 over people in one small area and we bougth everything we needed that includes rice cookers, haha.

There is also Peking duck and roasted duck.

Seafood is not that expensive over here and we had scallops as well for the steamboat.

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