Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fire alarms

Ok, i am trying to write a bit more than usual as requested but bearing in mind i have a ton of work to do, please don't expect to be that much more haha. There is something really irritating about the dorms here they have super hyper sensitive fire alarms that get trigger for every damn thing.
Well, as you can see the photos, this is like the second fire alarm and its at 3a.m...

3a.m out in the cold...
This picture was the first time the fire alarm was trigger and its at 8a.m... and its like the first few days when we arrive on campus.
As you can see more closely, i am the only one in shorts out in -16 or -19 degrees i think. Its a Singaporean thingy to dun give a damn about fire alarms but not here in Bentley, they fine you a thousand for staying inside the building during the fire alarm. So there i was in my shorts after it took me several mins to realise it was not a fire drill and i got to get out of the building. Now, i have an emergency pack with money and important documents just in case.

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