Sunday, February 22, 2009

New York Day 4

Ok, the last day of our trip to New York, we woke up and made our way to Central Park. Its within walking distance from our hostel and in between you get to see the places that the commers stay so its a contrast with the city.
Well, this is the entrance where we entered the park. Its kind of dead at this time of the year.
Setting up the tripod for the first shot.
and there we have it.
All doing some funny position which now i think back or rather look at the picture, i don't really know what were we doing
Imagine in spring whenthe trees are full of lush green vegetation.
The ducks are quite cute cause they are standing on thin layers of ice and sometimes they break and you can see them sinking down.
In the middle of the half frozen pond, a tennis ball...
trying to get some good pose.
fantastic wallpaper kind of photos
I don't understand why but they place a castle like structure in the middle of the park.
and to our next destination which was beside the park, the natural history museum.
It cost about $11 entry for students and actually no one really checks but well. Its a good place to visit everyone says its nice so its a die die must visit place.
Hehe the Trex...
Think this is quite interesting it looks like a flying turtle. This is the best part, the attack by dinosaurs

There are different exhibits but try to start from the top where they exhibit the dinosaurs. They are really good.
Go to the present animals, space and the underwater one as well. they are good.
Yah looking at this it reminds me please bring your own water or buy a subway in. The meals are really expensive there.
The underwater world exihibit, behind is the replica of a real full size whale. I think its a sperm whale Astro side
they include many kinds of geological artefacts and things as well. this one is a piece of marble.
And so we end the four days in New York. Many things to see and do and i really enjoyed the trip.


Anonymous said...

New York! So how do you find the place in the end? Hope you liked it! Haa..

BTW I just updated my blog and yup I got accpeted by Universal Studios!Lol

hear from you soon !

Anonymous said...

thats great to hear, congrats must help me chop a place also. haha. don't see you on msn are you back in Singapore? Well, actually i like it pretty much, the good thing was my friend know the place quite well so we only went worthwhile places-Desmond

Anonymous said...

oh forgot to mention and the company was great as well thats why it was fun- Desmond