Sunday, February 22, 2009

New York Day 1

Our first trip down to New York. We took Megabus which was good, there are some spacious seats but you got to be fast to grab those seats. So if you use the bus don't be late and end up at the back of the que. The cool thing about the bus is also this is $15 and it has wifi and it takes about 4 hours from Boston to reach New York.
Front view after we arrive in New York
The subway in New York. The unlimited pass including subway and bus rides cost about $7.50 a day and $25 for a week. The normal rides cost $2 per trip so it does need much thought what to get. One more thing, if you are looking for cheap places to go don't buy the New York Pass unless you really got the time and you want to enter every place of interest
Our Hostel call the Broadway Hostel and Hotel. Its aboutt $25 dollars a night. We used a 8 person dorm so the whole room was ours.
Don't expect luxury but the place is clean so its good for students. Its also near the subway.
Times Square New York
Toys 'Rs' Its quite a nice experience there are many things you can take photos with like the Superman figure and many other characters so do drop by. Its cheap and good fun.
Some very "sophiscateded' toys
M&M in New YorkAgain lots of figuring and things to see inside. We got a heart shape box of chocolates not to give anyone but cause it has a nice box and its on sale after Valentine's day hahahah.
Another photo of time square in the day.
Plenty of this large screen all around i think one of the better places to take photo is definitely at times square.
Big Billboards and skyrise.
Ok, for those cheapo tourist like us, visit MoMa, those modern art museum on friday between 4 to 8 entry is free.

Ok i don't really understand or appreciate the art pieces but these were some of the better pieces we found. So, if you group is not artistically inncline, avoid art museums.
At night, the city just dazzles.
We are back in more tourist shops but not buying anything as usual just taking photos cause its .... Freee haahaha. Sorry, but budget trip apart from the real shopping.
5 pound Hersheys chocalate bar that cost $39.90
More shots in the shop.
For those who want a taste of broadway show be prepared to spend but well as mention i am not artistically incline so i will rather take free shots outside haha.
Its strange but they leave a huge space right in the middle of Times Square for tourist and people and thats where you see their countdown takes place.
Limo after Limo. We were actually offered $5 per person one way ride back to the hotel in the Limo.

Yah and they even provide tables and chairs in the middle of Times Square which was great except that it was probably too cold for anyone to stay there for long. You can cam whore all the way there.
Central park at night, we only manage to take some photos of statues because the park is supposed to be dangerous at night so we only stayed at the outskirts.
Last stop of the day the glass made Apple Store, or at least its the top part. This is a store to visit for Apple fanatics and its opens 24/7 i heard.

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