Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Graduation Trip Day 6 (San Francisco)

Day 6, we finally reach San Francisco, after picking the HKU group up, Jennifer, Liza and Victor, we went to check in our hotel at Travelodge then we went straight to town. It was probably about 10 to 12 miles to the city and took less than 1/2 an hour to reach there. San Francisco is fame for its hefty parking fees so drive around to scout for cheaper parking.
Downtown San Francisco
Union Square, actually nothing much i should say.
The famous trams of SF. Hmmm one thing the roads in SF are all damn steep so for older folks this is going to be a problem.
The largest Chinatown in North America. Compared to Toronto's Chinatown the SF Chinatown sells more souvenirs than food. So if you are looking for cheap and good souvenirs this is the place to go. Also there are a few good places to park near chinatown and walk to the rest of the city so do recce the place for cheap parking.
Actually the famous places that are a must go are all around the same area so its possible to park and walk to the places that you want within the same day.

If you look behind you will notice it is really steep.
So driving around San Francisco is a problem because of the gradient of the roads. The key is to stop your car slightly over the slope so that you have a better view and brake, if not sometimes you virtually can't see the road in front no kidding.
Another famous landmark the coit tower which offers good view. If you go up the tower there is a 5 dollar charge which i think well its not too expensive but there are also other places for views so it depends on the individual whether you want to pay.
Alcatraz Island, something which we miss caused all the tickets were sold so i would suggest buying the tickets like at least a few days earlier or booking it online. Get it from Pier 33, its the cheapest.
On top of the Coit Tower.
Lombard street the world's crookest street from the Coit Tower view. By the way this is what one person told us, Lombard street is a private project created by the residents to slow down the speed of drivers.
Haha well see what it has become today.
Coit Tower from below.
Our car going down Lombard Street.
Finally for the evening we visited Pier 39 to walk around. You can try driving around to find parking as well. The cheapest is about 7.50 to around 20 dollars a day. If you are eating at some of the restaurants you can validate your parking for free (usually 3 hours)
Permenant residents of Pier 39
behind me a floating restaurant/boat

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