Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Grad trip day 15 to 17 (Vegas and Grand Canyon)

We spend the day at the factory outlet checking prices and using the internet which unfortunately you got to pay at Stratosphere. And at night we return to the strip for more photo taking opportunities with the replica of New York Icons like the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building.
Somwhat like Disney land, magic kingdom castle
The Egyptian Style Pyramid with the light beaming from the top which can be seen from far, i mean realyy far.

The interior desing is kind of special as well. Another one of the top Casinos in Vegas, MGM.

The next day we drove to Grand Canyon but we are always damn "suay" when it comes to nature parks. It was super misty and foggy the entire morning and you can't really see a thing.
In terms of trails, unless you are going down the Canyon, it is much easier than Yosemite.

After the fog lifted, we were finally able to see the full glory of the Canyon.
Btw temp difference in the sun and out is about 10 degrees so after the sun came out it became pretty hot.

Something i have been learning to do, attain inner peace. Haha not very successful so far.
Nah not trying to commit suicide after failing to achieve enlightenment. haha

More wild life.
As always, bad weather will follow us when we go for hikes and probably something like 5 mins after this shot, rain started to pour.
Since, we had to leave the park earlier than expected, we went to catch an Imax video. Actually it would be better if you watch the show before going into the park that way you can appreciate the grand canyon better.
This is the best part, the next day we checked into Stratosphere again but this time into a Suite during Memorial Day holiday which also marks the time where the sales are the best. The suite cost us 49USD a night and its really worth the money. The room was super huge.
The best part, a toilet that was bigger than my dorm room and there is a jacuzzi.
That evening, we met up with Sze Yuan and her family, went for buffet at the Mirage again and this time we created another bowl of congee with lots of crap meat and shrimps. haha.
Sze Yuan's parents were super cool people haha. They are not what i would think is the typical parent, they are the young at heart who would chiong on their own to explore the world which the typical parent would probably just follow a tour package and go on some boring tour. The strip at night from the observation deck of the stratosphere. Btw its free.
They even provide couch for visitors so you can just chill there and enjoy the view. This is the most scary ride i think even some theme parks cannot match. Its mounted on top of the stratosphere and you will be sliding across and hanging at the edge. Not for the faint hearted.
Its nice to meet friends when you are oversea.

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